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All About Dance

Technique is the foundation for all dance movement and is the primary focus at En Pointe Dance Studio. A strong technical foundation enables a dancer to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance.

Technique is essential for leaps and turns, where correct posture is essential to properly execute such moves.

Dance has many positive contributions to development including discipline, strength, flexibility and movement. At a young age, dancers learn skills to enhance their cognitive abilities, increase co-ordination, flexibility and movement and also learn an appreciation for different types of music.

As a dancer progresses, he or she increases their strength and discipline in dance while enhancing these learned abilities. A dancer’s personal style will start to emerge as they perfect these abilities.

Dance is a commitment that can also contribute to cross training in sports such as football, cheer, swim, track and soccer. After training school, dancers can apply to attend finishing school to become a professional dancer or ballerina.

Dance can be taken as a major or minor in college. Scholarships in dance are available at many colleges.