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En Pointe dance studio is easy to sum up...AWESOME!! Miss Yvette and Miss Lisa are amazing teachers who bring out the best in the students because they truly love what they do. My daughter is known by many, including myself, to be quite a challenge but because she loves to dance for Miss Yvette and only wants to please her, she is a different little girl at the studio. She leaves for dance with a smile and comes home with an even bigger smile. There are not many people in this world who can get my Isabel to perform at her best, but she would do anything for her favorite person in the world, Ms. Yvette. She strives to please Ms. Yvette every time she dances. I love the fact that I drop my daughter off knowing that she is with teachers that she adores! She dreams to be Ms. Yvette one day! She has made such a great impact in my daughter's life and I am sure many of the other dancers. My Isabel finished up the year at a great recital and said to Ms. Yvette, "Thanks for letting me dance with you!" I would have my daughter dance no where else but at En Pointe with Miss Yvette and Miss Lisa. They both truly do inspire their dancers to be their best! ~ Jill M.

Our daughters have been dancing at En Pointe for the past several years. We were looking for a dance studio where our girls (then ages 5 and 11) could train and dance in a supportive, safe and encouraging environment. Ms. Yvette has provided that experience for them. The dance instruction they have received over the years has been outstanding. All the instructors who work with the children truly care about them. Ms. Yvette understands that the skills and discipline our children are learning carry over from dance into life. The staff encourages the children to excel and to achieve their personal goals through practice and dedication. Our oldest daughter has used her dance training to help her be successful not only in dance, but on the soccer field and the musical stage too. Our youngest daughter has "come out of her " and loves to perform on stage. Our girls have grown to be more confident and to love dance because of Ms. Yvette and her dedicated staff. They have truly become a part of the En Pointe family! ~ Michelle

My daughter has learned not only great dance techniques but self confidence that reaches far beyond the dance studio. All while having a great time doing it. ~Amy